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Bamboo Branch is a small enterprise working from a home-based bamboo grove, offering bamboo poles, pieces and parts. Much of our bamboo is harvested from our own Phyllostachys aurea grove in Austin, Texas. We have various grades, and sizes and prices vary depending on the quality of bamboo that your project requires. Please describe your needs and we will supply a quote for your bamboo project. If we can't satisfy your needs based on your material specifications, quality and cost, we will be happy to refer you to other sources.

Upcoming Events
Austin Home & Garden Show
FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY August 28-30, 2015
Austin Convention Center, Austin, Texas
Texas Bamboo Festival
FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY September 19-20, 2015
Zilker Botanical Garden- Austin, Texas

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Bamboo plants, poles, pieces and parts
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There are so many things to make from bamboo
Using rhizomes, poles and branches too!

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